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Start thinking about what you need to do to be ready to bounce back on the other side of this COVID 'stuff'

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Rebound was a full day of practical insights, strategies, tips, and inspiration to help you and your business get ready to spring back into action and hit the ground running as we approach the other end of lockdowns, closed doors, and hopefully tough times. 

All of our live online sessions were recorded and are now available "on-demand" for you to view. Join in with the subject matter experts and generally wise business folk, covering off on all the things you need to think about in your business to be ready for whenever you can contemplate a bounce back.

are you change ready?

If ever there has been a time we needed to be 'change ready' it has been in the last couple of months. But, what lies ahead could require even more change - real change that truly transforms our businesses, makes the most of the opportunities available and truly ready ourselves for the performance Australia needs from small businesses [the workhorse of the economy].

  • How change is the new norm
  • How to be change ready
  • Dealing with uncertainty in business
  • A business owners' tolerance for ambiguity

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protecting + strengthening your brand

Many businesses have strengthened their brand engagement throughout this crisis with some authentic and clever marketing. Now that we are focusing on the other side of the 'COVID curve' it is time to maximise your chances for lead generation through some strategic brand experiences and marketing initiatives.

  • How to protect + strengthen your brand in a crisis
  • Opportunities in the data available to you
  • What you SHOULD be focussing on in your marketing
  • Getting cut through online
  • Best marketing opportunities for right now

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the modern tech stack

Challenging times can create some gigantic shifts in efficiency through reinvention. Technology is the enabler for so many of these efficiency shifts. In this session we will discuss the opportunities for process automation, discuss the tech stack of the future while exploring the opportunities for businesses to be digitally ready.

  • Tech stack structures
  • Process automation
  • Recommendations for efficiency
  • Creating your own tech roadmap
  • Digital readiness


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show me the money (finances + funding)

We cannot talk about helping businesses 'rebound' without addressing the money side of things. Often cited as one of the biggest barriers to growth, we will discuss the opportunities available to fill that hole in cashflow or fund those investment opportunities that may now be available to you.

  • Bank insights + trends
  • Alternative funding options
  • Upcoming cash flow pressures
  • Accessing funds for investment and growth
  • Debt being pushed down the road
  • What to watch out for


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how we work 

The way we work in all likelihood has changed forever - and it was already massively changing with huge growth in co-working spaces and hot-desking. A discussion about how we work is not just about the physical environment but also the human side of things like bringing wellness into the workplace and empowering our teams to be engaged and ready to perform.

  • Office layouts
  • Flexi + remote working
  • Wellness in the workplace
  • Leadership in these times

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how to actually "get stuff done".

Everything else we have talked about today will be meaningless unless we actually do something about it. With execution and implementation cited as the number one reason most strategic plans fail, we will share our tips for implementation and effective strategic planning [including goal setting] while helping you condense our learnings from the day down into a few key actions.

  • How to get stuff done in your business
  • The 90 day plan
  • How to get more rhythm in your reporting
  • Get more focus in your day
  • How to effectively prioritise
  • Tips for performance and goal setting

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bringing it all together

By the time we get to this point in the day we will have had a big day, covering off on a huge range of considerations. You've earned a drink! So, grab a beer, a vino, a coffee, a tea, or whatever your drink of choice. Listen in as all the facilitators come together to summarise their big takeaways from the day and their tips for you to apply in your business.

  • What have we learnt from Rebound?
  • Final thoughts and recommendations from the panel

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big thanks to our support partners for spreading the word and providing their time... much appreciated.


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