here's how we can help you answer your business sale questions!


Dreaming of the day when you can finally cash out and enjoy the benefits that stem from many years of hard work? One of the ways we can help you easily understand the price of your business, and some of the drivers of that price is by using the Value Builder System.

Value Builder provides you with a questionnaire that will take you 15 minutes to complete and allows you to take a buyer's view of your business when calculating business value.

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What you'll receive:

You'll be given a detailed report on how your business stacks up against the 8 key drivers of business value that are proven to be important to buyers. Additionally, you will get a clear understanding of an estimated market price range for your business.

Understanding this information is essential in building a more valuable and more sellable business.* 

*The Value Builder system is designed to help you estimate a potential price range for your business as a starting point for your sale investigations. However, the price that a business may ultimately sell for is influenced by many factors and for a more detailed assessment, you’ll need to consult with a professional advisor.

That’s where businessDEPOT can help, our advisors work with you to understand 'What is my Business worth?', by diving into the pricing factors that calculators and diagnostics simply can’t evaluate. To learn more please contact our business services team at 1300 BDEPOT or